Thursday, December 4, 2008

creative thursdays

My friend and neighbour, Céleste {a children's book illustrator} and I have been holding 'Creative Thursday' painting nights. We are both originally painters, but while running our own businesses, and keeping up with the busy-ness of life in general, we realized that we have abandoned our paint brushes. So we decided to hold painting nights once a week, to ensure that we actually sit down guilt-free and create a piece of art just for fun! It's actually a very therapeutic, much needed break from staring zombie-like at the computer.

Yesterday we went to the One of a Kind Show in lieu of our painting night, in search of inspiration, but here is a little, simple painting that I did last didn't take too much time, but I was happy with the result! I hope to do more of these mini-paintings. They are fun and great practice for my carpel tunnel-ridden mouse-shaped 'claw'. So stay tuned for some more mini paintings in the future, brought to you by the very special Creative Thursdays.

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