Wednesday, November 30, 2011

client highlight: design for conscious living

I'm sure I've mentioned Design for Conscious Living before. They are an interior/exterior design firm based in Toronto and run by the lovely and talented Celia - and one of my favourite clients! 

First of all, I would like to mention that Celia is a natural beauty, about 6 feet tall. I basically come up to her waist. She has a wonderfully keen eye for design, and when I first met with her in her home office a few years ago, my mouth dropped - it was simply my dream office, done in colours of green and gray, beautifully organized and professional yet warm and welcoming. 

I created the Design for Conscious Living website in 2008, however each year we work together to make some changes or additions, and just last month we completed the latest update to the site. Some gorgeous new interior designs that really are worth a peek! Check out some of these new layouts, and then be sure to go to their website to see more. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

50mm lens

Just bought a 50mm lens. One of the cheaper lenses out there! And oh boy, so far I love it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

picnic party!

Now that winter is arriving {cold blustery days, darkness, freezing rain, yuck!} I thought I would share a little summer with you. I was a pretty terrible blogger in the summer, so I didn't properly feature my daughter's first birthday party! Her birthday is in July which is actually quite lovely because we were able to hold it outside and make the most of the warm weather and swimming pool.

The theme was a Picnic Party, and I collected all sorts of red and white fabric to make table cloths, a flag bunting, and picnic blankets strewn across the lawn. Actually I found the decor for this party quite easy - red and white is a popular combo! And I threw in some turquoise accents just for fun.There was swimming, there was a jumping castle and trampoline, cupcakes, stripey straws, a popcorn machine and a fab cake made by Auntie M. Pictures tell the story much better, so here is a bit of summer for ya!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ruche Clothing

How did I not know about this online shop before? Guess I've been hiding under a rock. When you are occupied with a little one, it sometimes does feel that way. Anyway I discovered Ruche Clothing the other day and the clothing really has an Anthropologie vibe, but with a much cheaper price tag. If I wasn't pregs then I might go a bit click-happy. Why is shopping online sooooo easy?

Here are my picks:

{out of stock now unfortunately but sooooo pretty!}

{funky, a bit retro, and easy to wear}

{not sure what drew me to this one except the pattern is pretty cool and also Mexico sounds really great right about now!}

Well I guess I know where I'll be shopping once I'm back to my normal size! And once I'm done nursing which presents a whole different wardrobe issue {easy access is key!}.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

some news!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

font nerd strikes again: Kewl Script alternative

As mentioned once before, I'm a font nerd. I love fonts. I could stare at typography all day. I could spend a lot of money on fonts {ok, I could spend a lot of money on just about everything!}. But just as I found a free alternative to Feel Script a while back, I found one for a new font called Kewl Script.

I actually had purchased Kewl Script for a project, and I do think it's pretty cool. But then I found this free one called Channel. Not exactly the same but it definitely has the same vibe. Kewl Script is better...I like it's flourishes. But hey - free is pretty great too!