Sunday, October 28, 2012

you are my sunshine party: sage is two!

Sage's first Picnic Party, was recently featured in SheKnows Canada and I'm so very honoured to be included in their Kid's Birthday Ideas article. It is a wonderful parenting website. Thank you so much!

Now available in a printable version in my Etsy shop, Olive+Iris!

It made me realize, though, that I haven't yet shared Sage's second birthday party with you. And almost four months have gone by. Whoopsie. This year the theme for her party was 'You are My Sunshine'. I knew I was just begging for it to rain that day by making sunshine part of the theme however we crossed our fingers for an outdoor party at my dad's lovely house near Uxbridge, just north of Toronto. Mother Nature gave us sunshine for the first half of the party and then a thunderstorm for the rest of it, however we were too busy munching on yummy cake and dancing to a mix of Raffi and Guns N' Roses {Sage is a real fan of 'daddy's music'!} to really notice.

I designed the above invitations using yellow, grey, white and turquoise and these colours quickly became the basis for the party's design.


Here is the birthday girl! Can't believe she is already two. What a difference a year makes. This lil girl is a real delight to have as a daughter. Beautiful inside and out, clever, funny, kind, wonderful. And no I didn't curl her hair...she would never sit for that long! Those are her natural locks and I'm jealous.
Lil Miss Sunshine, taste-testing the cuppies before the party started, to make sure they were ok.

Lemonade was served, of course! Hydrangeas, my favourite, were picked from the garden.

The spread. I used lemons a lot for decor too, as they are cheap and pretty.


I enlarged my fave photos of Sage from throughout the year and displayed them here and there.

Yellow beach balls in the pool.

Lil Miss Sunshine's lil sis {2 months old here}.


Dessert table and cake {birdie by Ann Wood}.

Washi tape was easily adhered to mini clothespins for the lootbags, which contained a Little Miss Sunshine book, a yellow swirly lollipop and some summery sunshiney stickers.

Enjoying a lolli...indeed this girl makes me happy when skies are grey. Happy second birthday, my Sagey.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

finley's birth announcement + at {almost} 5 months

I just realized that I haven't yet shared the birth announcement I created for little Finley a while back. My friend Sarah Leeman of Bean Shoots Photography took this gorgeous photo when Finley was just 8 days old, and I added the graphic touches. I just love the coral, peachy and turquoise tones here and the brick wall backdrop.

Where is this little one now? She will soon be 5 months old! Wha? I know! She is busy rolling around, babbling, blowing raspberries, smiling and laughing, 'walking' around exploring {with the help of mama...ouch my knees and back!} and of course trying to chew on everything in sight. Not to mention getting very distracted and trying to keep up with her big sis. It's extremely hard and never-ending work but so totally wonderful too. I love this parenting thing!

Monday, August 27, 2012

wishbone chair replica

Have you heard of Copy Cat Chic? Well here is my version of it!

I was looking for dining room tables on the Structube website and came across this replicated version of Hans Wegner's beautiful Wishbone Chair, on special for $119! Holy smokes!

Or else you could just go with the original Wishbone Chair, retailing at $849 a piece. Better quality and well-made I'm sure. But ouch!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

the beach

We are still in a babyland daze over here. And while Finley is an amazing little lady, it seems my mind, my body, my house are still a bit topsy-turvy. We haven't quite found a rhythm yet but we are getting there! It is certainly busy with two littles but fun in a really chaotic way. I like things to be orderly and tidy and that has gone completely out the window for now! But I am going with the flow and enjoying time with my girls who both seem to be growing way too fast.

On the weekend we visited Frenchman's Bay - only a half hour's drive from our house, it's located on Lake Ontario and has a beautiful beach. Even though we only spent the morning there, we felt like we had taken a mini vacation down south! It was lovely {if you just remember to not look to your left at the Pickering Powerplant} and Sage enjoyed the playground on the beach, throwing rocks into the water and talking to the seagulls. What a great way to spend a Sunday morning.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

here we grow again: final installment!

The final installment of my 'here we grow again' belly pics! How is it that this little person was living inside of me just over four weeks ago?!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a blissful mother's day

She is here! Please meet my second daughter, Miss Finley Violet. Born last Wednesday May 9th, I already feel like she's been here forever with us. She just fits! Finley has a wonderfully sweet and chilled out personality which has really helped with the transition we have made to our family of four. I'm hoping it sticks!

As you can imagine, I had quite a blissful Mother's Day.

*Note: any spelling errors or sentences that don't make much sense are due to sleep deprivation :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

here we grow again: 9 months

Yep! We are here my final week of pregnancy. And while I'm ready to no longer have a 40 pound bowling ball attached to my body, I am also cherishing this last week. I love feeling a baby move and kick and wiggle inside my tum. It truly is quite a miracle. I am definitely eager to meet this little lady though. Will she be like Sage? Or totally different? I can already tell she is more mellow, as she doesn't move as much as her sister did. Sage was like a wild animal in there. I'm thinking mellow is a good thing!

Wish me luck!

{Previous belly pics can be found here}

Thursday, April 26, 2012

my work: well-nested interior design and decor

I recently had the pleasure of working with an old friend to create the branding, business cards, and blog design for her new interior design and decor venture. Kerry McRorie has just started 'Well-Nested' and she is such a great talent! Her house is gorgeous, and it is easy to see why interior design is such a natural fit for her. 

We worked together to create her logo, using some of her favourite colours - green and taupe. She wanted a look that was sophisticated, but not unapproachable, as she is open to all sorts of jobs and clients. A natural, textural look was also on the list, especially given her company's clever name. It all came together beautifully! A new website is next, and will be coming soon. In the meantime check out her wonderful blog. Best of luck to you Kerry!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

my new iPhone screen

Last week I very nearly lost my iPhone. Apparently I dropped it in a parking lot outside a store {I blame my giant belly...couldn't see it in my lap when I got out of the car!}. I didn't realize my phone was missing until I was at my next stop, and went into major panic mode. I called the store I was at previously using a payphone to see if I had left it there and yes, it was there. Oh the relief!! An extremely kind person had found it, and brought it into the store for someone to claim. Thank you, thank you, thank you extremely kind person! 

I really realized that my whole life is on my iPhone - emails, texts, photos, videos, lists. And since there was a photo of my daughter on the lock screen, I also realized that if it ever gets lost again there is no way for anyone to know who I am or how to contact me. So this is my new iPhone lock screen. Fingers crossed I don't lose it again, but just in case another extremely kind person finds it, I'm hoping this little message will help!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

here we grow again: 8 months

In the home stretch guys! I have a caesarian booked in 4 weeks. Can't believe this time has come so quickly, and yet on the other hand it does seem to have been a long haul, especially chasing after a toddler. Despite all of the little get-prepared projects I have in my head, I guess I'm ready! Ready to meet this little one, hold her, and discover who she is. I'm very nervous. But very excited.

One more month to go! Here is my belly photo collection so far...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

some free fonts i like

I'm always on the hunt for cool fonts, and the cool free ones are the best! Here are some I recently downloaded: Susie's Hand, Sofia and Matilde.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the view from up here

The good news is - I can still see my toes - somewhat! The bad news is that my feet are already starting to swell! During my last pregnancy I thought my big scary feet were due to the intense July heat. Not so! Sorry Mr. P., looks like bigfoot is back...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

here we grow again: 7 months

I'm late with this photo again - I'm actually 31 weeks along! And still so much to do to prepare for the new baby's arrival. We are getting there though! The nursery has been painted so we now just need to put it all together and buy a few more supplies. I'm nervous but very excited that a new little person will be arriving shortly. I just can't wait to meet her.

Friday, March 2, 2012

my work: Katherine Rose Floral Design

Introducing Katherine Rose Floral Design! I recently completed the design of their website - a layout created with fresh greens, periwinkle blues and whites. Click here to take a look at their beautiful floral creations, and their newly launched website.

Friday, February 24, 2012

freebie storage labels + getting organized


Way back before I had kids I saved this post from Making It Lovely that had a great idea for storing the never-ending mountain of baby and toddler clothes. They just grow so quickly. I love the idea of storing the clothes in clear plastic containers by size. It just makes so much sense. {Yes that is a big mess in the photo, on either side of the boxes, that I really tried to crop out. I'm not organized quite yet, but getting there}.

The designer in me couldn't help but make some pretty labels which I printed onto letter-sized paper, cut in half and stuck inside the box much like Nicole did. You could also print them onto a letter-sized label and stick them onto the outside of the box as well. They won't wobble as much that way!

So, I am sharing with you my 'designer' baby clothing storage labels in hopes that you will be inspired as I was, and perhaps a bit more organized too. 

Click the banners below to download PDF's of the girl or boy versions {newborn to size 2...just updated to size 5...just updated to size 10! Also updated - new 'maternity' and 'other textiles' labels.} and print away. You may want to print two copies so that you have 4 labels, one for each side of the box. Enjoy and happy weekend! 

UPDATE (May 17, 2016): I've made a few changes to the labels from suggestions I've received over the past few years. Hopefully these suit your needs a bit better! Please let me know if you have any other suggestions. Thanks!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

a high-spirited garland

My obsession with Pinterest has completely escalated in the past few weeks...there is just SO much eye candy and information on there that it's hard to deal! I recently spied this beautiful 'High-Spirited Garland' from BHLDN which totally inspired me to start the decorating process for the new baby's room. She will be here very soon! {I must admit...I feel a tiny bit of guilt here. For Sage's room I took two months to decide on the paint colour, had about 50 swatches taped to the wall, and laboured over every little design detail. Without the luxury of time, I've had to make some quick decisions, however I'm quite certain she will still be happy with her new room and especially her high-spirited garland!}.

We've decided to go with a soft avocado-y green on the walls and coral/watermelon-y accent colours. And so the other day I went shopping on Tonic Living to purchase some fabric samples. How very exciting to receive them in the mail yesterday, and to see how all the colours came together. I keep staring at the swatches.

I will use my sample pieces to make a flag garland, inspired by the BHLDN one, but I would also like to make a few pillows, especially in these purty patterns. So much to design and create! My mind is spinning. 

[FABRIC SWATCHES FROM TOP LEFT: Garden Damask, Green Tea; Flatiron, Coral; Cross Section, Honeydew; Zoo Pals, Pink; all from Tonic Living]

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day!

Happy Valentine's Day! I was pretty excited this year that I got to make Valentines for Sage's daycare. Not wanting to give chocolate or candy at all {the kids in her class are between 18 months and 2}, I went with stickers instead. Three sticker books for $1 at the dollar store - score! I whipped up this little card, stuck the sticker book on the back with a glue dot and paired them with a matching custom labelled envelope. Simple and sweet.

For Sage's teachers, I ended up making these cute little morsels. They are super easy, look adorable and are indeed the perfect combo of salty and sweet. Here they are waiting to go in the oven. I forgot to take an after photo...whoopsie. Mommy brain times two I guess. 

Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo

Friday, February 10, 2012

a new purse

I've been combing the land for a new purse! Something cool and funky but mama-friendly too. Since Sage was born, I've been using a cheapy cheap H+M gray purse which I actually get many compliments on, but it has seen it's day and is starting to fall apart. That, and I'm finding it a tad too small.

I like a long strap so I can sling it around my shoulder, especially when my hands are full of kids and car seats. I've narrowed it down to these two beauties from Urban Outfitters.

My first choice is this Deena & Ozzy Buckle Tote. It's a great colour and apparently looks much more expensive in person. It's simple and purty and just what I need.

This Deena & Ozzy Zip-Front Moto Satchel is pretty awesome the colour. I'm worried it is a bit too deep though. Big is good, but I don't want to be losing my keys in there.

At $40 for shipping, I think I'll wait for the free Canadian shipping promotion that comes up once in a while!

Monday, February 6, 2012

here we grow again: 6 months

Here I am, just a touch over the 6 month mark. If you compare this photo to my 5 month pic, the growth has been unbelievable! Now I know why I've been exhausted and dragging my, ahem, butt the past few weeks. I thought it was just because I've been running after a very busy toddler. That, and I've expanded immensely. With still 3 months to go, looks like I may end up as giant as last time 'round {seriously, people asked me all the time if I was having twins}!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

putting together a big girl room

While we are searching for ideas for the living room and dining room we realized that baby #2 is going to be here in 3 months. Holy smokes! So we better get working on the rooms for the littles...pronto! I've been gathering ideas for Sage's 'big girl' room. Here is some inspiration.

I had clipped the above photo from a 2010 Style at Home magazine article, as it just struck me as fresh and so pretty for a little girl's room. Sage has a little turquoise dresser (more greeny than the blue pieces above) but I thought a pink and turquoise room might be really sweet. 

I love the Marimekko fabric they have stretched in the image as art, the freshly painted furniture and light walls. Instead of white walls I may go with Gray Owl (2137-60) a Benjamin Moore colour I have used in the past which is warm and neutral and beautiful. 

This print was purchased a while ago, from Eva Juliet, a Montreal Etsy seller, and has been just waiting for Sage's new room.

Here is Sage's turquoise dresser, a pic from her old's adorably sweet, but I have to admit that it is a tad small, especially as she gets older, so we might have to rethink this one a bit...

This pillow would look pretty cool, to add in a pop of pink.

Hmmm...I'm loving this colourful Jenny Lind bed too, although white may be nice and classic.

Hello turquoise chevron rug from Urban Outfitters!