Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day!

Happy Valentine's Day! I was pretty excited this year that I got to make Valentines for Sage's daycare. Not wanting to give chocolate or candy at all {the kids in her class are between 18 months and 2}, I went with stickers instead. Three sticker books for $1 at the dollar store - score! I whipped up this little card, stuck the sticker book on the back with a glue dot and paired them with a matching custom labelled envelope. Simple and sweet.

For Sage's teachers, I ended up making these cute little morsels. They are super easy, look adorable and are indeed the perfect combo of salty and sweet. Here they are waiting to go in the oven. I forgot to take an after photo...whoopsie. Mommy brain times two I guess. 

Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo


Melly said...

so cute!!! were they delish?

Joelle Segal said...