Thursday, February 23, 2012

a high-spirited garland

My obsession with Pinterest has completely escalated in the past few weeks...there is just SO much eye candy and information on there that it's hard to deal! I recently spied this beautiful 'High-Spirited Garland' from BHLDN which totally inspired me to start the decorating process for the new baby's room. She will be here very soon! {I must admit...I feel a tiny bit of guilt here. For Sage's room I took two months to decide on the paint colour, had about 50 swatches taped to the wall, and laboured over every little design detail. Without the luxury of time, I've had to make some quick decisions, however I'm quite certain she will still be happy with her new room and especially her high-spirited garland!}.

We've decided to go with a soft avocado-y green on the walls and coral/watermelon-y accent colours. And so the other day I went shopping on Tonic Living to purchase some fabric samples. How very exciting to receive them in the mail yesterday, and to see how all the colours came together. I keep staring at the swatches.

I will use my sample pieces to make a flag garland, inspired by the BHLDN one, but I would also like to make a few pillows, especially in these purty patterns. So much to design and create! My mind is spinning. 

[FABRIC SWATCHES FROM TOP LEFT: Garden Damask, Green Tea; Flatiron, Coral; Cross Section, Honeydew; Zoo Pals, Pink; all from Tonic Living]


elissa @ one stone events said...

love the fabric swatches! it's going to be a gorgeous room, if you have anything to do with it! adorable garland, too.

Joelle Segal said...

thanks elissa :)