Monday, March 30, 2009

turn out the lights

Did you celebrate Earth Hour on Saturday? I went to this concert last year but this year I kept it quiet and read a book by candlelight. I always love hearing stories from my grandma about how before they had electicity {or Alec Tricity - she thought it was a man!} they could do nothing much after dark except read and talk by candlelight - there were no tv's or computers or video games to distract us and make us completely anti-social!

I also loved the first night of that huge black-out a few years back. I lived in uptown Toronto and Pete was working downtown. He walked all the way up {MANY city blocks} to my apartment as his car was stuck in a lot downtown, and then around 10pm that night we decided to walk back downtown to get his car. It was unreal! Everyone was out on the streets walking and talking, socializing. Restaurants were open by candlelight and handing out free drinks. It was such an incredible night that I'll never forget. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate electricity and heat and hot water! But we could stand to hold an Earth Hour a bit more often I least more than once a year.

p.s. Toronto decreased its typical energy consumption by 15% of what is normal at that time...not too shabby!

we won!

I was so busy on Friday trying to decide which dress to wear to the Canadian Event Industry Awards that I don't think it occurred to me that we might win! Check out our Star Award for 'The Best Wedding Under $75,000' category for this wedding design. The Canadian Event Industry Awards is a national award program presented by Canadian Event Perspective Magazine. I haven't won an award since who knows when {high school I guess!} so this was a lovely surprise. We are honoured and would like to thank the Academy...!

Friday, March 27, 2009

and speaking of award shows...

I may not be going to the Juno's but I am going to be attending the CEP Star Awards as a nominee! My other company, inBloom Event Design, has been nominated for an award for our design work on Julia and Iain's wedding! The event is pretty formal and I feel a bit like I'm getting ready for prom with hair, makeup, pedis and manis. I still haven't quite decided on my dress - shall I wear this cool Grecian piece from French Connection that I love {looks better in real life!}? Or this emerald green Banana Republic dress that I wore for...erm...a few weddings last summer? But I do love the colour of it...I'm leaning towards the emerald green. Thoughts?! Have a great weekend!

my logo is going to the juno awards!

I won't be going to the Juno Awards this weekend {rats!} but a logo I created will be! One of my clients in British Columbia, The Uptown Giftbox Company - a company that makes high-end and beautiful gift baskets - will be supplying the 'swag bags' for the Canadian Music Award Show on Sunday. I worked with Gabrielle Durning a few years back to re-create her logo and her company's marketing material. Now, only a few years later, her beautiful giftboxes will be in the hands of celebs like Sarah McLachlan, Bryan Adams, Nickelback and Elvis Costello.

For the swag bag, Gabrielle created a custom cedar box and worked with a First Nations artist to have an original design created and silkscreened onto the boxes. These beautiful boxes were then filled them with gourmet and luxury BC products. They look amazing! Congrats to the Uptown Giftbox. And I'm just a little bit excited that my logo creation will be going to the Juno Awards, even if I won't be!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Introducing: Organize My Chaos

I recently complete a logo and business card design for Suzanne Perrett of Organize My Chaos - a professional organizer. And man, is Suzanne organized! So prompt and efficient in fact, that I started the logo on a Monday and both the logo and business cards were signed off by the Friday - that is unheard of!

Suzanne wanted a motif that symbolized organization {something neat and tidy} using a clean and simple font. She also wanted to use a cheery yellow {or 'mimosa' as I like to call it} which I loved - so sunny and bright! I came up with this motif of some very organized and lined-up dots with a clean font that gets just a little bit awry on the word 'chaos'. And I loved her business cards too as she opted for a clean, one-sided card with a raised logo and tagline {the bumpy dots look great!} and her contact information printed flat.

I will soon start work on her website re-design...I can tell that will be a fun, not to mention a very efficient, project!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

eat your greens

Some great fabrics in fresh springy greens...yummy! From Tonic Living.

a new look for spring

I decided to redecorate for Spring...and I gave my blog a new name. Is that allowed in blogland?

Monday, March 23, 2009

i heart fifi lapin

Meet my new desktop wallpaper by Fifi Lapin - "the world's most stylish bunny" according to Elle Magazine!

I would have to agree...Fifi has some very inspiring outfits, and I'm into her latest runway looks. Check out the incredible marigold dress she sported in Paris!

In addition to being a fashion icon, this little rabbit also makes some lovely wall artwork too...check out the beauty below.

Desktop wallpaper is from the brand new {and lovely!} Kindred website. See more of Fifi here...

Friday, March 20, 2009

my new necklace

Yes, this is a photo of my chest! But I wanted to show you the yummy tattoo-like necklace I got from the AGO's new and fabulous gift shop. I've been trying to cut back on clothes-shopping so finding cool {and cheaper} accessories seem to do the trick! I can't tell you how many compliments I've received on this necklace so I just wanted to share. The necklace is made from 'eco-plastic' by Batucada Fashion.

Happy Spring and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

outside of the box

I took a little jaunt down to the Canada Blooms show today for a change of pace and to get some inspiration for Spring. Thinking I was very smart missing the weekend crowd, I arrived just in time to enter the show along with 50 senior bus tours! One of these things doesn't belong here...

It was a good show, but my very favourite exhibit by far was this reclaimed freight container that has been converted into a mobile, green, and funky design office! bsq. landscape design studio has basically turned an old abandoned container into a cool, modern interior - the ultimate recycling project! And check out the roof-top deck and the green roof. What an awesome little office {or cabana or cottage guest room}! Eco-conscious + clever = love.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

time to decorate for spring!

I've mentioned that I like to decorate {and re-decorate!} the console table at the entrance to my house by season, so I think with Spring arriving on Friday, it's that time again! I am planning to re-style soon and I've decided that fresh spring greens would be nice, after my white winter wonderland display. Here are some beautiful console table displays, and an entranceway that makes me gasp every time I see it - the fresh whites and blues are amazing and what a gorgeous black door.

Stay tuned for photos of my new springy console table!

{both photos from Domino mag}

{from Wish mag}

Monday, March 16, 2009


Heehee...I thought this pillow was pretty cute and could possibly motivate me to move my buttocks! Made by Alexandra Ferguson.

Friday, March 13, 2009

cabin fever

Today is bright and sunny but still on the chilly side. Nevertheless, I am dreaming and planning of how to decorate my deck so that I can spend more time outside and make the most of the warm weather when it decides to arrive! I just bought a cheery red umbrella and cushions for my Pier One table and chairs, but I love the look of this deck and I'm thinking to incorporate an outdoor rug, some tall plants and lanterns. I don't have a ton of space to work with, but this looks like it could be such a cozy little sanctuary! {photo from Wish magazine}

Happy weekend my bloomers!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

pretty post-its

I am a sucker for office supplies {my in-laws actually own an office supply company conveniently enough!} so I really loved this Bergdorf Goodman window display made from Post-it notes, as seen on Martha's new craft blog. Ah to live in New York City and to walk by fabulous and inspiring displays every day. I remember seeing the most gorgeous dress made out of paper in the window of Carolina Herrera, and I kick myself to this day for not capturing it in a photo!
And speaking about Post-its and dresses made of paper...Jessica won this week's challenge on Project Runway Canada, with her dress made of 3000 Post-it notes - how the heck do you make a dress out of Post-its? Well, she did and it was quite beautiful {although I liked Sunny's too!}. All of the models this week were breast cancer survivors, and the Post-it dresses were auctioned off to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.


As I've mentioned, I have endometriosis. My doctor believes my surgery a few weeks ago was a success, but endo does grow back eventually...bugger. To keep my health in check I've been seeing my friend Laurie - my 'nutritionista' - who is focussing her new business, LkM Nutrition, on the family - family planning, infertility, pregnancy, and food for babies and toddlers.

I've been to Laurie for two sessions now and she is fantastic! I feel a big change in my body having implemented the new foods and vitamins she has recommended. Laurie just started two informative new blogs and I'm excited about both! Blog #1 has interesting tidbits and nutritional hints for family planning, infertility and pregnancy. Blog #2 guides parents on making their own food for babies and toddlers - and it's called Baby Bites and Toddler! How wonderful to make your own baby food - to save money, but also to have that control and awareness over what your baby is actually ingesting.

Laurie also offers a service called Freezer Fill-Up where she will help you prepare meals in your home that can be stored in the freezer to help you eat properly when a new baby arrives. This gal is quite innovative and great at what she does! She is located in the Roncesvalles area of Toronto, but can also meet via Skype. Be sure to check her out - this nutritionista comes highly recommended.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

create your own fabric

Flipping through the pages of the latest Canadian House & Home magazine, I came across this website - - that allows you to create your own custom fabric! Wow...this sounds like fun! Apparently you can create a design or drawing, upload your images, play with layout options, and then place your order for $18/yard. Perfect for crafty sewing projects when you just can't find the right fabric...I think I might give this a go!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my little friend Amélie

I have a little friend down the street named Amélie {a name she happens to share with my favourite movie!}. This little two year old makes me 'dragon cookies' {her invention}, mini paintings and beaded bracelets and we have spent afternoons together at petting zoos, building gingerbread houses and playing some very creative games with play-dough.

Much like the character in the movie, little
Amélie has quite the wonderful imagination. The other day, she was playing in her room and her mom thought things just got a little too quiet {alarm bells!}. She peeked in only to find this - their golden retriever, Meadow, covered in pantiliners - or 'big bandaids' as Amélie called them. I just had to share, as it had me laughing all day! And the look on poor Meadow's face is priceless.

Friday, March 6, 2009

rachel bilson: my fashion muse

How odd...Rachel Bilson, my fashion muse, and Hayden Christensen are building a home in Uxbridge, Ontario - the little town where I grew up, where I went to high school, and where my dad still lives. I guess I will have to start hanging out at the local Zehrs grocery store to catch glimpses of her amazing outfits - whether she is out running errands or on the red carpet, she looks so put together. Here are some of my fave looks...this girl has style!