Tuesday, March 3, 2009

wallpaper crush

Searching through my ever-expanding design inspiration files, I noticed a wee trend - a lot of the photos I like have used the Cole and Son "Woods" wallpaper. I'm so drawn to the rustic, natural-ness of it!

We are currently stripping the wallpaper in my dad's house {flowery 80's wallpaper that just wasn't cool} and it is pretty much a nightmare. After spending a week with my sister trying to remove wallpaper from a bathroom, I promised myself never ever to wallpaper anything! But...maybe just one wall wouldn't hurt?

I'm not 100% about where I got the above photos, although the 3rd one down is from Blueprint, and the 4th from Wish magazine {recognize it?}. Below is a pic of my bro-in-law at a restaurant on College Street where we went to celebrate my husband's birthday in January. The restaurant had recently been made over...check out the paramedic, my cute baby niece, and the wallpaper behind them!

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