Thursday, March 12, 2009


As I've mentioned, I have endometriosis. My doctor believes my surgery a few weeks ago was a success, but endo does grow back eventually...bugger. To keep my health in check I've been seeing my friend Laurie - my 'nutritionista' - who is focussing her new business, LkM Nutrition, on the family - family planning, infertility, pregnancy, and food for babies and toddlers.

I've been to Laurie for two sessions now and she is fantastic! I feel a big change in my body having implemented the new foods and vitamins she has recommended. Laurie just started two informative new blogs and I'm excited about both! Blog #1 has interesting tidbits and nutritional hints for family planning, infertility and pregnancy. Blog #2 guides parents on making their own food for babies and toddlers - and it's called Baby Bites and Toddler! How wonderful to make your own baby food - to save money, but also to have that control and awareness over what your baby is actually ingesting.

Laurie also offers a service called Freezer Fill-Up where she will help you prepare meals in your home that can be stored in the freezer to help you eat properly when a new baby arrives. This gal is quite innovative and great at what she does! She is located in the Roncesvalles area of Toronto, but can also meet via Skype. Be sure to check her out - this nutritionista comes highly recommended.

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