Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my little friend Amélie

I have a little friend down the street named Amélie {a name she happens to share with my favourite movie!}. This little two year old makes me 'dragon cookies' {her invention}, mini paintings and beaded bracelets and we have spent afternoons together at petting zoos, building gingerbread houses and playing some very creative games with play-dough.

Much like the character in the movie, little
Amélie has quite the wonderful imagination. The other day, she was playing in her room and her mom thought things just got a little too quiet {alarm bells!}. She peeked in only to find this - their golden retriever, Meadow, covered in pantiliners - or 'big bandaids' as Amélie called them. I just had to share, as it had me laughing all day! And the look on poor Meadow's face is priceless.

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inBloom Event Design said...

haha, it never fails to make me giggle too! i love the look on Meadow's face!