Monday, March 25, 2013

my work: Tara Fingold Interiors website

Two postings in two days? I'm on a roll here! Lots has been going on lately with client work, but I am especially excited to share with you a website I recently completed for a client I've worked with for a long while. Many years ago, I created Tara Fingold Interior's logo, and to this day we continue to work really well together.

When Tara, an extremely talented interior designer, contacted me in the fall about redesigning her website, I jumped at the chance! You should see her work. Jaw dropping! You should see her home. Exquisite! So I was pretty pumped about creating a website that would showcase Tara's work properly in her classic, clean, elegant style.

Please take a peek. I'm so happy with how her website turned out! And take a boo at Tara's designs. Truly her work is outstanding. How awesome is her reclaimed wood wall?! I want to move in.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

my new etsy store: olive + iris

Hello! And Happy Hallowe'en, Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. Happy Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day too. Oh my. It's been a while. As much as I love blogging, life with two little girls while running a business is quite hectic. And if there is client work to be done, then my blog unfortunately takes a back seat. I'm going to try to catch up though, with everything that's been going on! New designs, my growing girls, and new exciting ventures. 

First off, I just re-launched my Etsy shop with a new name and everything. Olive+Iris is a design shoppe that sells ready-made, modern logo designs that can be customized for businesses, events or anything really! While I am still creating custom logos and identities for clients, this is a great way for me to create designs just for fun and a cost effective way for smaller businesses to attain a logo. 

I am hoping to update the shop soon with some printable invitations and frameable prints. Also I'll be retiring some of the logos once in a while, and adding fresh ones. Currently I'm having a re-launch sale there so please check it out