Tuesday, August 21, 2012

the beach

We are still in a babyland daze over here. And while Finley is an amazing little lady, it seems my mind, my body, my house are still a bit topsy-turvy. We haven't quite found a rhythm yet but we are getting there! It is certainly busy with two littles but fun in a really chaotic way. I like things to be orderly and tidy and that has gone completely out the window for now! But I am going with the flow and enjoying time with my girls who both seem to be growing way too fast.

On the weekend we visited Frenchman's Bay - only a half hour's drive from our house, it's located on Lake Ontario and has a beautiful beach. Even though we only spent the morning there, we felt like we had taken a mini vacation down south! It was lovely {if you just remember to not look to your left at the Pickering Powerplant} and Sage enjoyed the playground on the beach, throwing rocks into the water and talking to the seagulls. What a great way to spend a Sunday morning.

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