Sunday, October 28, 2012

you are my sunshine party: sage is two!

Sage's first Picnic Party, was recently featured in SheKnows Canada and I'm so very honoured to be included in their Kid's Birthday Ideas article. It is a wonderful parenting website. Thank you so much!

Now available in a printable version in my Etsy shop, Olive+Iris!

It made me realize, though, that I haven't yet shared Sage's second birthday party with you. And almost four months have gone by. Whoopsie. This year the theme for her party was 'You are My Sunshine'. I knew I was just begging for it to rain that day by making sunshine part of the theme however we crossed our fingers for an outdoor party at my dad's lovely house near Uxbridge, just north of Toronto. Mother Nature gave us sunshine for the first half of the party and then a thunderstorm for the rest of it, however we were too busy munching on yummy cake and dancing to a mix of Raffi and Guns N' Roses {Sage is a real fan of 'daddy's music'!} to really notice.

I designed the above invitations using yellow, grey, white and turquoise and these colours quickly became the basis for the party's design.


Here is the birthday girl! Can't believe she is already two. What a difference a year makes. This lil girl is a real delight to have as a daughter. Beautiful inside and out, clever, funny, kind, wonderful. And no I didn't curl her hair...she would never sit for that long! Those are her natural locks and I'm jealous.
Lil Miss Sunshine, taste-testing the cuppies before the party started, to make sure they were ok.

Lemonade was served, of course! Hydrangeas, my favourite, were picked from the garden.

The spread. I used lemons a lot for decor too, as they are cheap and pretty.


I enlarged my fave photos of Sage from throughout the year and displayed them here and there.

Yellow beach balls in the pool.

Lil Miss Sunshine's lil sis {2 months old here}.


Dessert table and cake {birdie by Ann Wood}.

Washi tape was easily adhered to mini clothespins for the lootbags, which contained a Little Miss Sunshine book, a yellow swirly lollipop and some summery sunshiney stickers.

Enjoying a lolli...indeed this girl makes me happy when skies are grey. Happy second birthday, my Sagey.


elissa @ one stone events said...

oh joelle, it's perfect! i just love it! your girls are beyond beautiful. love the theme, the invite, everything.

Joelle Segal said...

Thank you Elissa! That means a lot coming from you. :)