Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ruche Clothing

How did I not know about this online shop before? Guess I've been hiding under a rock. When you are occupied with a little one, it sometimes does feel that way. Anyway I discovered Ruche Clothing the other day and the clothing really has an Anthropologie vibe, but with a much cheaper price tag. If I wasn't pregs then I might go a bit click-happy. Why is shopping online sooooo easy?

Here are my picks:

{out of stock now unfortunately but sooooo pretty!}

{funky, a bit retro, and easy to wear}

{not sure what drew me to this one except the pattern is pretty cool and also Mexico sounds really great right about now!}

Well I guess I know where I'll be shopping once I'm back to my normal size! And once I'm done nursing which presents a whole different wardrobe issue {easy access is key!}.

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