Wednesday, May 6, 2009

license plate photos: a collection

I seem to gather little collections of things here and there without even realizing it. I have a collection of small shoes as you know {see sidebar!}, mini chairs, salt and pepper shakers...and after my sister's tea party shower, I decided I want to start a collection of vintage tea cups!

Anyhoo, on the weekend I was looking through some old photos, and I came across a collection featured on our photo wall - pictures of license plates from various cities and countries where I've travelled. It's kind of a fun, graphic way to keep track of the places I've been, instead of carting back a bulky, cheesy souvenir. You can almost see the personalities of each place in the license plates too - colourful Mexico {despite its recent troubles}, the rugged Australian Outback, sleek and stylish Roma!

I only decided to officially take photos of license plates a few years ago, so I am missing a few countries that I've visited. But I will hopefully add to this collection again soon!

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