Tuesday, June 16, 2009

sarah seven

I'm currently trying to find a dress to wear to my sister's upcoming circus wedding {think vintage circus...no scary tigers or clowns!}. I'm feeling inspired by some of these handmade lovelies by Sarah Seven. Each dress is custom-made with natural fabrics, and Sarah donates 5% of the proceeds to charity. The dresses take about 6 weeks for delivery so I am out of luck {the wedding is 4 weeks away} but I can still drool over these creations!


Celeste said...

you should take these photos to a seamstress, they could probably make a copy for you before the wedding...and customize it for you too!

LkM Nutrition said...

Nice dresses! Have you been to Fashion Crimes & Misdemeanors at Queen & Spadina? www.fashioncrimes.ca

inBloom Event Design said...

this little yellow one makes me want to hack the flapper dress down. i love the teal ribbon...that's what i was trying to achieve when i bought it from mokuba!