Friday, August 14, 2009

my neck of the woods

I thought I would post today on the lovely little neighbourhood where I live. Just outside of Toronto, in the 'burbs', I live in a community called Cornell in Markham. And as far as suburbia goes, I think it's a pretty nice place. The homes are fairly new, however they were built to resemble Victorian houses with porches and gingerbread detailing. All of the garages are built behind the houses, so that neighbours can mingle on their front lawns and porches. And there are a lot of eco-friendly touches added to the homes when they were constructed - even before eco-friendly became trendy!

Recently some live/work townhomes were built just down the street from me - homes that can also be used as storefronts. What a great idea! This little retail area encourages our statistically larger suburbia bums to walk to the corner store, instead of so easily hopping in the car.

This neighbourhood makes me happy. Recently P. and I started looking at some other houses in other areas of Toronto. But soon enough we realized...we are not ready to leave Cornell and it's charm just yet!

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Celeste said...

wow, these photos make the area look like a movie set, maybe Pleasantville? Very nice!