Tuesday, September 15, 2009

shalom y'all! israel: part one

Shalom! And apologies for my non-blogging the past few weeks. My sister got married in Israel and so my hubby and entire family made the journey to the Middle East. And was it ever beautiful! Truly a profound experience, I enjoyed every minute - the weather {hot and sunny...every day}, the food, the people, the beach, the amazing sights and landscape. I gained a better understanding of history, religion. What an amazing experience!

I will feature a few photos from the trip in each blog post...there are over 1300 pictures to sort through so bear with me! I will start chronologically.

When P. and I arrived in Tel Aviv, it was nighttime and we were whisked off to a delicious pre-wedding bbq. But because it was late, we weren't able to see much of the landscape on our drive from Tel Aviv to Haifa, where we were staying.
In the morning though, we awoke to this spectacular view from our apartment...we were right on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea!

The water was...and I'm not exaggerating here...90 degrees. Still refreshing though, as outside it must have been 100 degrees or more. I soon realized that I could settle quite easily into the life of a beach bum.

This was the view from the front of our apartment building...

We then explored a market in an Arabic village, Daliat
El Carmel, with cute little trinkets, textiles, and knick knacks.

On the way back to our hotel, we stopped to take in this view of Haifa, and that is Lebanon in the distance! Kinda freaky...didn't know it was within seeing distance!

We stopped at a great little cafe on our way back to our apartment where I was introduced to a little piece of heaven...the limonana. P. and I are now a tad obsessed with what we are convinced is the best drink ever! It is a lemonade slush with ground fresh mint leaves. Heaven I tell you! I sampled one at every restaurant we went to. Delish.

Stay tuned...tomorrow I'll feature my sister's wedding!

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