Monday, March 14, 2011

i just bought this print...

...for my new house. Yes, we bought a new house! It is currently being built and will close mid-July. I am pretty excited - it has all of the features we were hoping for: a big backyard, a fireplace, upstairs laundry, pantry, walk-in closet {yes!}. A wonderful place for kids to play and grow. The only catch - it is farther into suburbia than I am now. Only about 10 minutes or so, but when I tell you that not long ago there were cow patties where my house will stand, I am telling the truth. Project De-Suburbanization, here I come too!

Anyhow, and more importantly - about the above print. One of my favourite things to do is to get lost in blogland and then happen upon a cool link or inspirational story that I would not have otherwise found. And that is what happened last night. Long story short (you can read more here) I came across this cute print which is also helping to raise money for a lovely little lady named Davy who captured my heart. I think you will be inspired by reading their story too.

A cute design for a great cause - what a wonderful combination.

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