Thursday, July 25, 2013

sage's third birthday: an art party!

On Saturday July 13th we held a birthday bash for Sage's 3rd birthday. She wanted an Art Party. What a fun theme. And actually a pretty easy one to pull off - the colour scheme was pretty much anything goes! 

I was inspired by this Paper Source wrapping paper I saw at Chapters.

I created this invitation, with a watercolour by Sage on the flip side.

The tone was set for the party! Watercolour splashes and dots became the motif. Using this awesome Trend font throughout a lot of the decor and designs helped pull everything together.

The party was held outdoors, and thankfully it was a beautiful {although extremely hot} day. As I think I mentioned once before, usually it rains or snows on our outdoor parties! Including our wedding. But Mother Nature was smiling on us this time around. I did add some party spirit inside the house though, in case guests needed to cool off.

I had used this old window frame to display photos for Finley's party, but used it as a sign for Sage's.

Favourite photos of my three year old {wha?! how?!} from the year were displayed on a big photo wall. I didn't use washi tape to stick them up this time though. Lesson learned!

Ok, let's head outside and into the back yard where everything was happening!

Polkadotted gate!


We were lucky enough to borrow a lot of tables, tents and umbrellas from Mr. P's parents who hold a huge family reunion every year and they have quite an inventory of outdoor party gear!

And this is where we put the art in the pARTy...canvases were hung on the fence for each wee guest, along with customized 'smocks' {large white t-shirts} for painting. The littlest guys had wee canvases.

The kids loaded up their paper plate palette with all sorts of paints at the Picasso Paint Station.

Truthfully, I didn't quite believe the kids would actually paint. At least not all of them, and not at the same time. But to my surprise they did! They all did! Even the littlest ones. It was an adorable sight actually, all the kids lined up in their giant t-shirts.

Yes that's a crayon jumping castle you see in the background! I had no idea there was such a thing. My hubby, Mr. P., found it online at a company nearby.

These cute little snack cups are from Target and went along with the colourful dots motif.

Sage's favourite colours are pink and blue. So even though I decorated with a rainbow of colours, I did mainly stick with pink and blue for the tableware. I spotted the watercolour dot napkins on clearance at Party City

Sage's yearly 'love' signs were hung on the fence. It's so interesting to see the changes from year to year!

As mentioned, it was a sweltering hot day! And our house is pretty new so we don't have a tree or stitch of shade in the backyard. So we set up a sprinkler and a little kiddie pool filled with water and balls. The water may have been more of a hit than the jumping castle. It's the simple things.

Here's the birthday girl, cooling off in the sprinkler and having a blast in the pool. Seriously. Why did we waste our money on a jumping castle?!

Let's not forget about the loot bag! Lots of art-filled goodies in here and some old fashioned candied dots. They tasted like wax, but whatevs! 
{Lesson learned from this party: taste the treats before you hand them out}.

The day after the party, Sage was eating breakfast and was very quiet, very reflective. She wasn't saying much and then blurted out "that was a really great birthday party." Awwww....what a sweetie she is. Love that girl. And that's why we keep throwing these big birthday bashes again and again!

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