Monday, October 28, 2013

art supply organization {an easy chalkboard spray paint project}

We keep most of our art supplies in the basement, but I usually keep a few on our main floor too, so they are easy to grab for the kids if they want to do a quick drawing or mush some play dough. All our supplies were a mess though - thrown into a clear plastic bin, crayons spilling all over the place, mixed with markers, paint and pom-poms. 

I had one of these old IKEA MOPPE mini chest of drawers. I'm not even sure they sell these anymore! This is vintage IKEA - for some reason I've hung onto this little chest of drawers for at least 15 years. It was holding a few travel supplies but wasn't really as functional as it could be. I wanted to use it to finally organize our 'upstairs' art and craft supplies.

On a bit of a chalkboard paint kick, I pulled out my chalkboard spray paint (obsessed with the stuff!) and set about on a really simple project of spray-painting the front of the drawers. I taped the edges just so it would be a bit neater.

It only took two coats of the spray paint, but the results were really effective. With my chalkboard marker (obsessed with it too!) I wrote on each drawer and my 3-year-old helped me organize all the supplies into their compartments. 


The drawers are surprisingly roomy. And while this little chest doesn't hold everything to do with art and craft, it sits nicely in our pantry for easy access whenever the art mood strikes.


Wow, I love little projects like this. Super fast and accomplished during a toddler's afternoon nap. Quick and satisfying.

More on my pantry a bit later. As you will see, I'm really loving the handy dandy chalkboard paint trend!

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