Saturday, September 12, 2015

turning 5 and a butterfly party

My baby turned 5 this summer! 5 suddenly seems so big. I'm seeing how the year fly by, as everyone told me they would with kids. 5, 10, goes quick if you don't stop and take a breath. And there's not often much time to stop and take that breath. 

To celebrate this milestone, we held a pretty little butterfly party for Sage. This party was much different than the big ones we've had in the past which included a huge group of family and friends. This was a big girl celebration - an intimate party with a handful of girls in Sage's JK who were continuing on with her to SK, so they could bond and reconnect over the summer before they headed back to school.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to transform these dollar store butterflies into pretty butterfly crowns, and how lovely they looked awaiting our guests' arrival.

 A 'ReBashed' fabric strip backdrop.

Pretty and edible butterfly cake toppers from IncrEDIBLE Toppers.

Let's take another look at the cuppies, shall we? When I spotted these 'coral, mint, and sage' edible paper toppers I knew they would be perfect.

The tablescape. Sage helped make the muffin paper butterflies we placed all over the room.

My attempt at chalkboard art.


Sage is obsessed with s'mores and sprinkles, so I knew she would devour this dessert.

Pretty Queen Anne's Lace picked from a nearby field. Matching loot bag tags.

My baby is 5 years old! And growing into such an amazing young lady.

This was such a fun and easy party. Everyone had a blast. High five, Sage!


Anny Ta said...

I love this invite. Is it in your Etsy shop? =)

Joelle Segal said...

Thanks so much Amy! It's not currently in my store but I can definitely add it!

Kerri Hansen said...

This is a beautifully styled party! Love it! I also love your Chicago print, where did you get it?! While I am a Canadian and currently live in Vancouver, I briefly lived in Chicago and my oldest son was born there, so it holds a special place in my heart!

Joelle Segal said...

Thanks so much Kerry! I got the poster on a trip to Chicago but you should be able to order one at
Hope that helps!