Friday, December 2, 2011

$4 vinyl tablecloth solution

We don't have a dog that gobbles up all of the spills and crumbs that end up under Sage's high chair. And our floor was getting quite stained and crusty with a medley of old rotten food pieces {the worst is avocado...did you know they eventually turn a horrid black colour? Yuck.}.

As it turns out, a $4 pretty vinyl tablecloth from Loblaws has been the perfect solution! I folded it in half and stuck it under the high chair - and it has protected the floor and my sanity ever since. Since it's plastic, it can easily be wiped, or else turfed and replaced if it gets really grotty. I've had many mommy friends come over recently and comment that it was such a great idea. It seemed simple enough to me, but I just wanted to post it here in case it helps out another mommy {and floor} too!

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