Thursday, January 5, 2012

happy new year!

Apologies for the late new years greetings however we have been very sick in this house the past few weeks. Between a couple of colds, ear infections, a terrible reaction to Amoxicillin {poor Sage had the most horrifying rash} and then strep throat, it really has been one thing after another. 

So happy belated holidays and happy 2012 too. With baby no. 2 cooking away, it looks like this will be a fruitful year! 


one stone events said...

happy new year to you! so sorry about sage's reaction, that's so scary! hope everyone is on the mend now!

inBloom Studio said...

thanks so much! yes, the reaction was very scary :(. i've never seen a rash quite like it. thank goodness it seems to have cleared up. happy new year to you too!