Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jerusalem Sage

My sister mentioned to me a while back that there is a plant called 'Jerusalem Sage'. Why is that interesting to me? My first daughter's name is Sage. We gave her that name because it sounded strong, wise, natural and beautiful. And a little bit rock star! It's actually traditionally a boy's name but we loved it.

I'm not sure if I mentioned, but we had trouble conceiving the first time around. I had a pretty severe case of endometriosis and we tried to get pregnant for two very difficult years, visiting many doctors and trying pretty much every therapy - medical and alternative - to get there. 

In August 2009, we travelled to Israel for my sister's wedding, and during that trip we stopped in Jerusalem for a tour and visited the Wailing Wall. My hubby and I hoped, wished, and prayed on that wall for a little bundle. Less than two months later {with the help of modern medicine} we were pregnant with Sage. 

And that is why Jerusalem Sage is pretty cool to me. I wonder if I can try growing it in my garden this summer.


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Melly said...

:) This post makes me happy.