Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Last night at the very last minute, I was lucky enough to get free tickets to the Feist concert at the Air Canada Centre {thanks again to my husband Pete}! They were great seats - 6th row at the side - and it was a mesmerizing performance. Somehow calming and upbeat and joyous at the same time. I am in love with all of Feist's songs and listen to her latest CD, The Reminder, constantly. It is so ethereal, artistic, soothing, dark and light.

As a quirky touch to the concert {as if Feist isn't quirky enough already} she had 'shadow artists' projecting shadows with shape and light and images on a large screen, using a glorified overhead projector! The images were moved by hand and it was such an organic and whimsical touch that perfectly complemented the music.

My favourite song is Mushaboom...the music and lyrics feel so cozy to me and conjures up images of a future life with a houseful of kids running around a house in a forest with a huge garden and crazy art projects all over the place, 'collecting the moments one by one'...love this Canadian gal.


Jenny Jill said...

Thanks for the vicarious concert! I can't stand crowds these days... :-Q
Isn't it nice to have a night out?

I saw Stewart McLean do a Vinyl Cafe and he had an artist doing sand painting to match his story.
It was interesting to a certain extent. The issue I have with it is that when you read or listen, unlike video or movies, you create the pictures in your head. This builds dendrites between brain cells and improves cognitive functioning. But they are a glorious visual art.

inBloom Studio said...

Hmmm...that's interesting! I guess as long as the visuals aren't too distracting, it's ok. Thanks for the comment though!