Wednesday, November 19, 2008

my grandad

Just a quick post this snowy evening...the first real snowfall of autumn 2008 and it's a doozy! My poor sister just spent six hours on the road - SIX! - trying to drive home on the slippery, traffic-jammed roads, and normally her commute would only take an hour. I just couldn't help but giggle madly at her hourly updates, reporting that she had only moved a block or two since our last conversation. Sorry Mel....

On a completely different note, I have mentioned my grandmother a few times, but I just wanted to mention my grandfather too. Last night we met for dinner, as he is embarking on a journey to Hong Kong where he will be spending most of his days golfing and touring. Did I mention that he will soon be turning 88? And when he gets back from his trip, he will be waxing his skiis and heading up to Blue Mountain to hit the slopes for the winter. Is this guy for real?! By the way, he just bought new skiis, and a spunky little Pontiac Vibe in electric blue. The only way to get in touch with him is through email, and he always has the latest digital camera. And last night he announced that he just installed Photoshop CS3 onto his computer - even I don't have Photoshop CS3! It's hard to imagine that this gadget whiz grew up on a farm in Saskatoon without electricity.

I must say that my grandparents are hardy stock, and I do hope that is passed down in the gene pool! What an inspiration.


Jenny Jill said...

Lovely post. It made me think of my late dad, who was the strong silent type. We didn't talk much but he was there for me. I had a car accident, driving myself and my 3 kids between home and my parents house - normally a 5 hr. journey. He drove through a blizzard all evening to pick us all up and bring us home. It took him hours.

Melanie Segal said...

Thanks for the shout out makes my ordeal feel worthwhile! By the way, don't feel bad about retrospect, it is funny!