Thursday, October 2, 2008

grandma's house

My grandmother is a spritely 84 year old woman who does everything so beautifully. She was the original Martha Stewart, before Martha Stewart came along. She was a food stylist before there were food stylists! I'm not sure where she learned her talents, growing up as one of five hungry kids in a house with a dirt floor, but she certainly has a knack for decorating, sewing, knitting, painting, cooking, and presenting food like nobody's business {she's also not too shabby at Scrabble and regularly 'beats' her computer}.

I went to her house for a casual lunch yesterday, and as usual she did her trick with even the simplest meal. She uses lovely little china dishes, wine glasses {even if we aren't drinking wine}, delicate tea cups and there are always, always flowers everywhere. See above for yesterday's soup and crackers, which was soon followed by sandwiches and a lovely apple pie. I am trying to take note of how beautifully she does things so I can incorporate it into my life too. I am very lucky to still have my gram...

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