Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nuit Blanche

As per Jenny's request {thanks for your comments Jenny!} I am posting some photos from Nuit Blanche. Our original Saturday night's plans changed a bit, as Pete and I got last-minute tickets to the Toronto Maple Leaf game. We did walk around the city a bit afterwards, and saw some of the outdoor exhibits though.
I'm not sure if the photos do them justice though...the windows of Toronto's City Hall were somehow transformed into 'pixels' that created a giant canvas of movement and light.
The 'canvas' - each side of both curved buildings - kept changing with shadowy images. We also saw the plastic bottle waterfall, which was pretty nifty. All in all, though, I think I was most amazed by the number of people roaming around the Toronto in search of works of art. The entire city was crowded and abuzz!

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Jenny Jill said...

Oh no.But they are lovely shots.
There is something about one's city hall, at night, that gives me goose bumps.
My late father and mother's favourite team was the Leafs.
That is worth another blog post!

I spent the last 25 years in Ottawa, but the first 25 in Toronto.