Friday, October 24, 2008

the honeymooners: in the amalfi coast

Onto the last leg of our Italian adventure! From Florence, we took a train to Naples {and tried not to get mugged} and then a hydrofoil to Sorrento where we stayed for a few relaxing days. Again, only photos can describe the sheer beauty of the Amalfi Coast. The views were exquisite and entire cities were built into cliffs overlooking the sea!

We took a harrowing bus ride to nearby Positano {think big bus hugging narrow and curvy roads built into the cliffs} but it was so worth the view.

I loved these graphic vintage sign posts.

And below is a postcard from one of Positano's beachside restaurants, Ristorante La Cambusa. I thought the sketchy line drawings were lovely and captured the feel {and height!} of the seaside town.

Here I am in Pompeii with a cold which is why I'm a bit grumpy pants...but that is Mount Vesuvius in the background, the volcano that erupted and covered Pompeii in ash and magically preserved everything in time. It was absolutely unbelievable to walk on Pompeii's street that still had ruts from the chariots!

That is it from our Italian honeymoon...what an amazing adventure. And now that I have the travel bug again, I'm going to plan our next trip...Israel for my sister's wedding next summer with a potential stopover in Iceland!

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