Saturday, October 4, 2008

a contemporary art thing

It is an artistic weekend in Toronto! Nuit Blanche, a self-proclaimed 'free, all-night, contemporary art thing' is happening tonight. At precisely 6:52 pm (love this) and until sunrise, the entire city of Toronto will turn into an art gallery, with amazing outdoor exhibitions and the doors of galleries, museums, cultural centres and neighbourhood open all night long.

There are 155 destinations and way too much to see in even 12 hours! I am looking forward to the waterfall 'quilt' made of recycled plastic bottles that will be draped, and illuminated, on the side of the Ontario Power Generation building. I strolled through Nuit Blanche last year in the Queen Street West zone, and it was an incredible experience! I'm looking forward to tonight's expedition.

The 2008 Toronto International Art Fair is on as well. This is my kind of artsy-fartsy weekend!

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Jenny Jill said...

Will you post some Nuit Blanche photos for those in more rural areas? I can live vicariously through other's blogs!