Thursday, January 8, 2009

getting set + some old things

This is a great time of year - a fresh beginning, and a time to get set for the year ahead. Stricken with a miserable cold this past week meant that computer work was a bit tricky, and I am actually pleasantly surprised that my previous posts make any sense! But I am a workaholic, so I had to put my energy somewhere. And that somewhere was in organizing and tidying and getting 'set' for the new year - making a new file for my 2009 receipts, starting a fresh new organizer {how I love my organizer} and I bought some of the cutest mini Moleskines to stick in my purse, to record any bursts of design or blog inspiration while I'm out.

In organizing everything, I came across some interesting things I hadn't seen in a while - some blasts from the past! I found my first 'real' pencil drawing {a hunk with rippling muscles holding a baby of all things} created when I was 13 years old. This was the very piece that named me an artiste in my family, and my mom rushed out and signed me up to an art class straightaway.

This mug was also in a box I hadn't been opened for years - my first foray into graphic design! I designed it as a give-away for my Senior Prom. Although I copied the fonts pretty much exactly from a coffee table book {boys and prom dresses were much more of a concern than copyright infringement, apparently}. But I have to admit that it looks pretty good considering it was created using a 1990's version of Word Perfect.

It was fun to find these old treasures, and looking back they were all clues pointing to where I would end up. I took some strange turns, and a twisty journey to where I am now. But it is quite apparent that from a young age, I was in love with art and design.

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Melanie said...

i can't believe that was your first pencil sketch ever. amazing!! i remember it very fun to see again...