Thursday, January 22, 2009

project: winter love

As mentioned, I am trying to make the most of winter instead of wallowing in SAD and counting the days until t-shirt weather arrives! I do live in Canada afterall, and since meeting with Sophie yesterday {a brand new Toronto-ite fresh from Australia} I could see her enthusiasm for the snow as it was all so new and fun for her. Hence Project: Winter Love.

I drove to Uxbridge this morning and on the way took some pics. Surprisingly, these monochromatic photos are not black and white photos at all - they are in full colour! But despite the lack of colour in the landscape, I could see how lovely it really is - how the sky almost blends with the snow, and how the tree branches are so beautifully coated. I am actually excited to take some more winter photos with my new eyes, and participate in some more Project: Winter Love activities. Are you in?

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