Monday, April 20, 2009

i love you yellow shirt

P. and I went to see I Love You Man this weekend and I actually really enjoyed it! Not only was it hilarious, but it catered to my inner fashionista. While P. was taken with all of the Rush music, I was eyeing all of the yellow featured in the wardrobe of Rashida Jones' character Zooey. And there was one yellow shirt in particular, with beautiful circle detailing, that I was crazy for! After a quick search on the web yesterday I realized I wasn't the only one hunting down this beautiful number. Luckily Possessionista tracked it down at Pringle of Scotland - however with a $750 price tag I might just try constructing it myself! Check out the yellow duds, the cheery yellow wedding, and the coveted yellow shirt {and a zoom-in on the circle detailing}. I love you, yellow shirt...

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