Monday, April 13, 2009

lovely weekend

I hope everyone had a great long weekend! I had a good one filled with lots of productive work around the house, a birthday party for my sis, and then a nice day of nothingness! I'm a workaholic so usually I get a bit excited for the weekend as it means more time to get more work done...warped, I know. I am trying to get out of that rut so P. and I have decided to allow one day {or afternoon} each weekend to escape the house and work and go on a fun outing or to a restaurant we have always wanted to try. By scheduling this time in, I'm hoping we stick with it!

We set out on our inaugural journey yesterday to one of my favourite places in Toronto - the Distillery District, an old distillery filled with industrial buildings and architecture from the 1800's that has been turned onto an artsy spot of cafes, flower shops, galleries, restaurants and funky stores. Lots of beauty and inspiration there. We had a delicious buffet brunch at the Boiler House Grill and then checked out some favourite spots like Soma {BEST chocolate ever!} and Balzac's Coffee {where it's not too hard to pretend that you are in Paris}. Overall a wonderful weekend! I hope you had a good one too...

{photos by me, but I nabbed the one of Balzac's off the web somewhere!}

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