Wednesday, April 22, 2009

anthropologie in toronto

What a fine day it is today...not only is it Earth Day, but my favourite store ever opened its doors in Toronto at the Shops at Don Mills. You have heard me gush about Anthropologie here, here, and here. I'm itching to check it out, but I also remember the lineups and craziness when Crate and Barrel opened last fall, so I might just wait a bit as a favour to my clautrophobic side. But I can barely stop myself...afterall there aren't too many stores that have blogs and Flickr collections dedicated to their inspiring visual displays, products, graphics and beautiful sense of design.

According to Toronto Styles, t
he first window and store displays will be focused around honey bees. It will reflect in abstract ways upon their role in our world. Bee related iconography like hives and honeycombs will be recreated with unexpected materials and whimsy. I think artistic inspiration is a good enough reason for an excursion to check it out...don't you?


dagmara said...

Honestly, I feel like a kid at Christmaas!

inBloom Studio said...

soooo true!

inBloom Event Design said...

it looks beautiful! maybe i'll go tomorrow!